AK Studies Weekly


Week 1
American Symbols and Holidays
Week 2
Location and Distance
Week 3
Rules and Responsibility
Week 4
Citizenship and Privacy
Week 5
History and Time
Week 6
Transportation and Communication
Week 7
Week 8
Trade Helps Families
Week 9
The First Thanksgiving
Week 10
American Indians
Week 11
Children Around the World
Week 12
Holiday Celebrations of Cultures and Countries
Week 13
Post-Renaissance Scientists and Inventors
Week 14
Week 15
Arctic and Antarctic Regions
Week 16
Climate, Location, and Physical Environment
Week 17
Patriotism and Presidents
Week 18
American Monuments
Week 19
American Values, Principles, and Beliefs
Week 20
Elected Officials, Individual Rights, and Responsibilities
Week 21
Changes in Communities
Week 22
Resources and Economic Choice
Week 23
Work and Income
Week 24
Money, Markets, and Economic Interdependence

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