Why Play Games with Your Child?

Dear Parents:

Mathematics is part of every single aspect of our lives, from the grocery store to cell phones. Playing math games is a fun way for students to practice and apply math skills and concepts we’ve been working on in the classroom. The hands-on approach to games helps students construct their own knowledge about math and strengthen the knowledge they already have. Math games promote communication as well as great mathematical thinking. Students can even learn and practice facts by playing math games! Students are motivated to learn and remember math concepts in the game format. By playing math games with your child, you are playing an important role in your child’s mathematics education.

All the games on this website are tied to the National Council for Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM) standards, which are in turn tied to the GPS standards in Mathematics. These games are a great way to help your child practice standards. This will also help your child keep up over the summer and not lose all the things they’ve learned this year!

Enjoy the time exploring mathematics with your child!

Cristina Hulsopple


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