Interactive Power Point Instructions

1. Make sure your teacher has checked your quiz guide!
2. Click here to download the Christmas Power Point Template.
3. Click "Save to disk when prompted and save to "My Documents" as "christmas-(your country's name)". Remember to save your work after each step!
4. Change the question slides to show your question.
5. Change the answer buttons to show your possible answers. Rearrange the buttons and change the color.
6. Change the right/wrong response slides to say something appropriate of your choice.
7. Change the background of your slides. Remember to choose one theme or color and be consistent on all slides.
8. Insert pictures if you have time.
9. Save your work to your computer.
10. Save your Power Point again on the STUDENT WORK drive so they can be published to the Internet.
11. Enjoy the quizzes created by your class!

Background and graphics can be found at Sno's Studio
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