2020-2021 Supply List

School Supplies

Please label your child's supplies with their first and last name. You may need to replenish supplies periodically throughout the year. I will send a note home when replacement supplies are needed. Thanks for getting your child ready to learn!

Mrs. Hulsopple's Fourth Grade Required Supplies
2 pkg wide-ruled loose leaf paper
2 pocket folders (red & blue) - no brads!
supply of #2 pencils
Erasers - 2 large pink and some pencil top
Glue - 1 bottle and 3-4 sticks
24 count crayons
1 pkg Post-it Notes
1 large box Kleenex tissue
Regular size backpack - no wheels please!
1 pair of individual headphones
Set of flashcards (addition and subtraction 1st semester, multiplication and division 2nd semester)
Optional Supplies
Antibacterial Hand Soap
Ziploc Baggies - sandwich or quart size
Hand Sanitizer (Germ-X)
Clorox Wipes (to clean our desks)

Background can be found at Sno's Studio
Animated supplies can be found at GifsNet
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