Read the information below to learn a little more about how grading will work for your student.

Homework Policy

All homework is to be turned in the following morning unless otherwise noted. Students will usually have one or two assignments per night as well as a nightly reading log. Students will be required to finish work during Friday Honor Time if not turned in or completed. All work must be turned in to participate in Friday Honor Time and play HomeworkOpoly.

Grade Scale
Papers will be graded using the grading scale below. When figuring subject grades, homework is worth 10% of the grade, classwork is worth 60% of the grade, and tests are worth 30% of the grade.
N 0%-59%

Report Cards
Progress Reports will be sent home at mid-quarter of each quarter. Report Cards will be sent home according to the dates below. Please go over your child's grades and let me know if you have any concerns or issues.
1st Quarter
October 12
2nd Quarter
December 21
3rd Quarter
March 8
4th Quarter
May 21

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Animated Report Card can be found at Animation Library
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